here i am!

I cant believe it has been over a year since I last typed a  blog post. Life has moved on since then: I am now 3. Yes 3! I am going to write more regularly about what Toby and I have been up to as I am a big girl and he is now 5 and in year 1.

Mummy has a new laptop which I think helps, as does the fact that I have fallen asleep so she can type up my dictation.

Happy new year!

Jemima xxx

me at the poppies at the Tower

me at the poppies at the Tower



SAM_2549Sometimes Toby and I do matching – not often and rarely with skirts (me that is, not Toby. Toby never wears skirts these days. I sometimes wear a dress, but if Mummy tries to put me in a skirt “NO MUMMY” I protest). Happy days. Love from me xxx ps the scratch on Toby’s face was made by me. Whoops. I now have very short nails, and shorter hair curtesy of Mummy.

Plays, plays and more plays

I have been to theatre three times (and I’m going again on Thursday), yes three times and one of them was a grown up play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe. We walked over the Millennium bridge to get there although Toby was a bit worried that it still wobbled.

Here we are on the bridge:


And here we are at the Globe:

We got the river boat back to Westminster which was great fun.  Last Saturday Mummy took us on a boat again, to London Bridge to meet Daddy as he’d had to go into work.


I saw Charlie and Lola at the Polka theatre. I love the music and Charlie is very kind to Lola,  much like my brother is to me.  My third theatre trip was to a play called Aston’s Stones at the Unicorn. It was about a boy who collected stones which he thought were lonely or sad and he brought them home. He filled his parents’ home with them and in the end he agreed to take them on holiday to the beach…where he found a stick that was all alone. Mummy thought it was very funny as Babby (my name for Toby) loves collecting sticks and gets upset when he has to leave them on the doorstep.

And we’re back to the Polka theatre this Thursday. Who’d have thought my Mother used to work in theatre??


Of course I can feed myself..

Of course I can feed myself..

… but Toby likes to feed me and it makes me laugh. it’s lucky Mummy didnt have her camera to hand when he was feeding me natural yoghurt last week. boy that was messy! I shook my head fast from side to side while Toby tried to get a spoon in my mouth. Hilarious!

Hever castle

On Friday, the last day of half term, Mummy and Toby and I went to Hever Castle with my lovely Godmother Merle. Toby has been desperate to go to a castle with a real maze ever since he read the Paddington story about Hampton Court and Auntie Merle reliably informed us that there are not one but two mazes at Hever castle.

In case you didn’t know Hever was the home of the Boleyn family. No trip would be complete without a snigger at some American tourists, who, stabding behind us in the queue to buy the tickets said “so did Anne Boleyn live here before or after she was married to King Henry?” Not much use to her after she was married to him I told him, but he didn’t hear me.

We had such fun. It was a beautiful sunny day. Toby went dressed in his knight costume and there was a man outside the Castle with costumes for us to dress up in, so I go to dress up too!

SAM_1184Clever Toby led Merle straight to the centre of the yew maze and we all managed to get to the centre of the water maze without getting wet.

I think we were all a bit tired when we got home: we dropped Merle at home and she plonked herself down on the sofa with a glass of wine and then we got home Mummy carried us both in fast asleep from the car and then plonked herself down on the sofa with a glass of wine.  A lovely day out. Thanks Auntie Merle xxx


SAM_1129I’m very excited to report that my friend Owen and his big sister Matilda sent Mummy a scrumptious new cook book for Mummy’s birthday. I’m pleased because our baking standards have slipped slightly in recent weeks. Mummy says I am very sensitive to sugar (pah!). Apparently Toby at my age could eat a man sized brownie and would remain as calm and centred as ever, whereas I only have to look at the tip of an ear of the tiniest Lindt bunny and I’m bouncing off the light fittings. What is wrong with bouncing I ask you? for this reason, along with the fact that Toby has quite a sweet tooth and Mummy’s waist line is showing signs of too many croissants  has resulted in a cake- less in fact treat- less diet for us all. Mummy relented last week and we all made flapjack. They were a bit too healthy (seeds! Pah!) but fortunately Toby was a little heavy handed with the golden syrup and the resulting flapjack was so sweet we couldn’t unstick it from the baking paper. It was yummy, despite having to pick bits of paper out of our teeth, but I was a bit bouncy, no dancy after a little slice and I stayed up till 10pm twirling round the sitting room to my new favourite song “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk (I will upload a clip later). I have claimed the Clandestine Cake Book my own by spilling something sticky on it..cakies here we come.

A bit late..but this was April


So what have I been up to?  HIghlights include playing in the garden when it’s been sunny, picking daisies and following my brother around. I have a sparkly pair of canvas shoes for stomping, climbing and twirling in. I have also had a haircut, curtesy of Toby and his friend Nicole and two pairs of nail scissors.

I went down to see my God father Chris in Winchester. It was very nice to see him.  When I am a bit bigger he is going to teach me some very cool Karate moves. In the meantime I rely on the strength of my will to assert myself. Taking Mummy firmly by the finger or pointing emphatically usually works; if not I resort to a loud and high pitched sqeal. To be honsest if there’s some screaming going on I like to join in, which always makes me laugh.

Here are some photos: the first was taken at Great Uncle David’s house and the second was on the tube on the way to the Lichenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern (fyi I lay on the floor and howled, so profound an effect did the paintings have on me). I promise I will blog a bit more frequently now.





Happy April. Cough cough..

ImageIt’s blooming freezing here in SW7. While I’m tucked up warm indoors (and not feeding the ducks in the park) I’ll give you a quick run down of my March highlights:

I went skiing to Meribel in France. while we were there I did no skiing, I had a nasty cough and my normally devoted and loving Mummy abandoned, yes abandoned me, in the creche for hours on end* so she could ski.

* twice, in fact, for a couple of hours each time.

When we got back Toby starred in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, playing Happy. I can now sing the tune to “High no, high ho, it’s off to work we go whistle whistle whistle whistle”. Toby broke up for Easter. He then got a horrible cold and cough which I have now got.

On the up side, I do like chocolate so I rather enjoyed the Easter egg hunt on Sunday in Rega’s garden.

Row row row your boat

I was going to fill you in on what happened to me last year: mainly turning one and Christmas, but then I thought why bother? I mean Christmas is sooo last year and when I was only just one I couldn’t even walk and now, well! I walked all the way from Tower Bridge to London Bridge in my new shoes last week (did I mention my new shoes? blue they are, with a little pink flower on. I keep them on all day long. I’d sleep in them if I could) and not only that, but now I like to hold Mummy’s index finger while I walk up and down the stairs grown up style, big steps, none of your descending backwards on hands and knees like I did when I was just one. I can understand everything that’s said and I say a few words, although I limit myself to those words that are entirely necessary: Mummy, Tabby (Toby), Daddy (of course –  my first word), Rega, duck, cat, cow, dog, pig (and their appropriate noises), chocolate, Peppa (as in Pig). Mummy, is of course mortified about the last two, but what can she expect when she plonks me in front of the tv for hours on end with a tub of choclate brownies?

I have been working on increasing my lung capacity, or in lay terms being as noisy as possible. For example one of my favourite songs, “row row row your boat,” features a legitimate moment to scream as loudly as possible (in response to if you see a crocodile don’t forget to.. Just in case you don’t know the song). Why hold back? Indeed I relish that moment so much that when Toby came back from nursery with some alternative lyrics, I felt I had to alter them slightly. So: row row row you boat gently down the river. if you see a polar bear, don’t forget to scream. And row row row your boat gently in the bath. If you see a spider there don’t forget to scream. while you may point out that it doesn’t rhyme, I think it is a more fitting response  – come on, if you were rowing down a river in a little boat and you saw a polar bear swimming towards you, you would wouldn’t you?

Shoes and hair

Kensington and Chelsea-20130216-01712I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while, I have so much to fill you in on, what with my first birthday and Christmas. In the meantime I would like to share with you two events that ocurred this weekend: I was bought my first pair of proper shoes (size 3f) which I am most reluctant to take off, and I had my first haircut. I confess I did scream and howl while the hairdresser cut my curls off, despite Toby jumping around to try and cheer me up. I clung to mummy with all my might, but the woman would not be put off and now I am sporting a rather stylish bob.